Getting Started

These are basic tutorials to help you get started with PhotoDonut.¬†They’ll cover installation, first steps, and basic settings.

Using Styles

Working with the Style Browser to add styles, filters, textures. Creating chained and multiple layered styles.

The Style Shop

Everything about the PhotoDonut StyleShop: how to use it, how to download free content, how to purchase Donut Packs, and how to choose subscriptions.


Understanding the PhotoDonut plugin mode. Tips and tricks for using with Photoshop and Lightroom. How to work with a PSD file in PhotoDonut


How to use the Freehand Painting module to create impressive paintings from your photos.

Creating styles

Saving a simple style, how to use style presets, working in the Style Editor.

Batch processing

Learn how to use one style on several images automatically, how to create an animation by applying the same style to every frame.

Tips & Tricks

How to resize your image, learn useful quick-key combinations, and more.