Freehand Painting Module

In this short tutorial we show you how to get started with our painting module. 

The Workspace

Let us introduce you to your virtual canvas and painting tools.  A must read guide for beginners about the painting module’s user interface.

Paint Presets

 Discover the magical word of PhotoDonut’s paint presets. Easily try out a range of artistic styles, from a simple charcoal sketch effect to a delicate watercolor. Have fun exploring the many artistic possibilities.


Learn how to use and change the different settings in the painting module: basic brush settings, color dynamics, clone modes, visual guides and tablet properties

Brush Settings

Understanding the Brush Categories and the Brush Manager. Learn the difference between the brush types, how to select the brush families, and how to choose active brushes

Use your own brushes

Learn how to create and install your own self made brushes using the Brush Manager

Painting with and without a reference image

 Learn how to use your image as an underlay to help you paint it, or how to paint on an empty canvas in the painting module

Import Photoshop brushes

This will show you how Adobe Photoshop brushes can be imported into PhotoDonut either as simple brushes, or used as single objects as if they were common image files.